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Company History

MultiBell Ropes Ltd. was established in the year 1842, after a merger between two small companies connected with church bellringing based in the Preston area, Lancashire, UK.

Bond's Bells had been a family run business for two generations, before its customer base slowly began to dwindle after the introduction of many larger firms into the industry, who were able to sell their products at a much cheaper price due to the huge quantities of items that they manufactured. The Bond's foundry in Penwortham had, during its heyday in the early nineteenth century, on average, cast, tuned and fitted over sixty rings of bells for different churches within an eighty mile radius. The firm had, in its latter years, branched out, and supplied bells for schools and other public places, but it was too little too late for the company that had been established for over fifty years.

When the plight of Bond's was heard about by another Preston-based campanological company, Roberts' Ropes, the Managing Director of the bell-rope manufacturing firm arranged a meeting with Steven Bond, who had been running his late father's business for over twenty-five years. Bob Roberts explained to Steven that his (Bob's) company too, was coming under much financial strain due to the downturn in the market for specialist rope styles, such as Lancashire Tail Ends, as well as for more typical designs. Steve and Bob both agreed that the only way forward for small, local businesses was to work together, and so the two companies were joined in a merger deal worth very little, and Bell-Ropes Ltd. was formed. There was some dispute as to the new firm's name, but eventually, both family connections were dropped, although the second words from the original names were held.

The company decided to specialise in individual customer's needs and began to produce rings of bells for many different churches each with their own particular characteristics.

In the early 1880s, the company found that it was receiving many requests from individual churches and homeowners who wanted to install bells. Many places were found not to be suitable for common rings and required the use of either multiple bells or ropes with the ability to control several bells at once. This problem was resolved when Bob Roberts' son, an architect, began working with his brother James (who had taken over the company in 1869 along with Steven Bond jnr., after their fathers had retired) in the design and construction of buildings capable of housing rings of Bell-Ropes Ltd's bells. The company began taking scores of dozens of orders for their new range of three designs, many of which were customised to suit individual sites.

As the company became more and more well known throughout ringing circles, it was found that the name was too similar to the products that were being manufactured by other companies. In 1886, this resulted in a change of name that has lasted until this day, and MultiBell Ropes Ltd. began to be known as the finest manufacturer of campanological products in the country, if not the world. The company's slogan was introduced by an employee, who saw how many people were affected when their ideas on paper had been constructed and made ringable by a single company. "Making Your Ringing Dreams A Reality" was a statement backed up, not only by the firm, but by every customer who has dealt with the company since the 1840s.

MultiBell Ropes Ltd. has continued to work to the original principles laid down by Steven Bond and Bob Roberts over 160 years ago to provide a unique service to the bellringing community. The designs for buildings and ropes first introduced over 120 years ago are still available, along with many more exciting products from the family-run company that really does make your ringing dreams a reality.

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