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Anti-Clockwise Correcting Middle Room
Illustration as a guide only
The Anti-Clockwise Correcting Middle Room
8 Bell Version Shown - Front 4 Shown In Side View
Available in 4, 5, 6 and 8 bell versions.

Many towers have for one reason or another had their bells installed in an anti-clockwise arrangement. Although many ringers find this interesting, the arrangement can more often cause confusion, especially amongst visiting ringers. Pulling off the tenor instead of the second can certainly be embarrassing!

It is of course possible for this product to be used in a clockwise tower to create an anti-clockwise ringing room. This kind of installation should of certainly be discussed with fellow ringers if you feel that this would make ringing more convenient, for instance in an awkwardly shaped tower.

Middle rooms must be sufficiently large to fit the large number of pulleys and guides required for the installation and it is recommended that clocks are not installed in the room.

A 10% discount is available where we have suitable pulley assemblies in stock. This only applies to certain towers so please contact us with your tower details so that we can establish whether or not ready-made assemblies are suitable.

Per Rope From: £500

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