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Mill-Chimney Tower Diagram
Illustration as a guide only

The Mill-Chimney Tower
6 Bell Version Shown - All Bells Visible
Available in 6 and 8 bell versions or to suit existing towers

This design allows a disused chimney or similar existing tall, cylindrical building to act as a bell-tower. This design has been specifically created with buildings like derelict mills in mind, and allow the sound of bells to be heard within areas not normally containing towers, such as centres and suburbs of former mill-towns.

The number of bells it is possible to install depend upon the dimensions of the chimney and also the size and diameter of the bell. There are therefore customisable aspects of the MBR Mill-Chimney tower that can be altered so as to design a peal of bells exclusively tailored to an individual chimney's specification.

There are two installation options available for this design:

  • Bells can be installed into existing mills and chimneys with the layout customised to suit the needs of each particular tower.
  • Existing chimneys can be extended and altered as necessary to fit the required number of bells.
  • New chimneys can be built to MBR Ltd specifications. These are built as shown on the left, with the width and height of the building beneath being dependant on the area's requirements. These towers are available in 6 or 8 bell versions. 8 bell towers can be built and fitted with 6 bells by request.

Fitted with standard MBR Multi Ropes and MBR steel bell frames. Standard weight is 12 Cwt. but can be altered at request. For existing structures, surveys must be carried out to ensure the maximum load-bearing capabilities of the tower. The bell weight can be altered as necessary after this survey. Pricing includes standard 3 year maintenance contract.

Complete 6 Bell Tower: £
Complete 8 Bell Tower: £
12 Cwt. 6 Bell Fittings Only: From £
12 Cwt. 8 Bell Fittings Only: From £
Maintenance Survey (Flat Rate): £100
Other Prices Available Upon Request

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