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Die Schulbellsystem Diagram

Die Schulbellsystem
9 Bell Version Shown - All Bells Visible
Available in different bell versions to suit existing buildings

This design allows a single rope to be pulled, while ringing a number of identical bells. This product has been specifically designed for buildings such as schools, and has been given a multi-international name to celebrate the company's international status.

The specifications can be specifically customised to suit the needs of an individual customer, with the quantity and size of the bells installed depending entirely upon the space available. The number of bells it is possible to install depend upon the dimensions of the building(s) and also the size and diameter of the bells chosen by the customer.

  • Bells are installed into existing buildings with the layout of the bells customised to suit the needs of each particular customer. As a rough guide, one 1Cwt bell emits enough noise to fill an area around 20 square metres.

    Fitted with standard MBR Multi Ropes and MBR steel bell frames. Standard weight is 1Cwt. but can be altered at request. The bell weight can be altered as necessary after this survey. Pricing includes standard 3 year maintenance contract.

Basic Fitting and Equipment Charge: £20,000
Standard Order Charge: £20,000

Each Bell: 0-0.5Cwt: £1,500; 0.5-1Cwt: £2,000
*** 5% Discount On Bell Prices When Over 10 Ordered ***

Other Prices Available Upon Request

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