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Stereo Tower Diagram
Illustration as a guide only

The Stereo Bell Tower
8 Bell Version Shown - Front 3 Shown
Available in 6 and 8 bell versions or to suit existing towers

This design allows one ringer to control two identical bells in order to produce a "stereo" effect. This method of ringing allows for a richer, high quality sound which is more pleasing to the lay listener than traditional single bell peals.

On the physical side, ringing style does not need to be altered but obviously quoted bell weights are doubled as two bells are controlled by the single rope.

There are two installation options available for this design:
  • Stereo bells can be installed into existing extra wide towers or buildings with multiple towers. These towers must have a high level of structural integrity due to the increased forces of multiple movements. Middle rooms must have sufficient space for the large number of pulleys required for this design.
  • New towers can be built to MBR Ltd specifications. These are built as shown on the left. These towers are available in 6 or 8 bell versions. 8 bell towers can be built and fitted with 6 bells by request.

Fitted with standard MBR Multi Ropes and MBR steel bell frames. Standard weight is 12 Cwt. but can be altered at request. Pricing includes standard 3 year maintenance contract.

Complete 6 Bell Tower: £100,000
Complete 8 Bell Tower: £120,000

12 Cwt. 6 Bell Fittings Only: From £70,000
12 Cwt. 8 Bell Fittings Only: From £90,000

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