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Total 35426 changes in 6 peals and 0 quarter peals

LONDON, Lower Thames Street, St Magnus the Martyr,
Mon 30th August 2010 in 3h13 (26-3-9)
5016 Spliced Maximus (6m)
6m: 1056 each Ariel S, Phobos S, Zanussi S; 880 Maypole A; 792 Deimos A; 176 Slinky Differential Little TP; 109 com, atw.
Comp. D J Pipe

1 Imogen G K Brooke
2 Tessa K Beadman
3 Jennifer E Butler
4 Simon A Bond
5 Rosemary H K Brooke
6 Charles W G Herriott
7 Benjamin J Carey
8 Edward P D Colliss
9 Leigh D G Simpson
10 Matthew D Dawson
11 Alan G Reading (C)
12 Luke T W Smith

100th peal: 10. First peal with the Society: 1. An engagement compliment to Martin Cansdale and Becky Sugden. Rung by a band all aged 25 or under.

Sun 3rd October 2010 in 3h5 (18-3-27)
5040 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Comp. M B Davies (No. 3)

1 Sarah E Hutchinson
2 Christopher H Rogers
3 Ian J Carey
4 Mike Pidd
5 Benjamin J Carey
6 Simon A Bond
7 Matthew D Dawson
8 Graham A C John
9 Stephen S Russ
10 R Mark Esbester
11 Alan G Reading (C)
12 Peter W J Sheppard

BIRMINGHAM, S Martin, W Mids
Sun 22nd May 2011 in 3h41 (39-1-19)
5120 Bristol Surprise Sixteen
Comp. A G Reading

1 Lizzie J Hough
2 Tessa K Beadman
3 Benjamin J Carey
4 Gabrielle L Cowcill
5 Peter W J Sheppard
6 Charles W G Herriott
7 Thomas J Hinks
8 Matthew D Dawson
9 Leigh D G Simpson
10 Simon A Bond
11 Adam R Crocker
12 James C Marchbank
13 Edward O Marchbank
14 Luke T W Smith
15 Alan G Reading (C)
16 Edward P D Colliss

First peal on Sixteen: 4,5,8,9,10,11,13,14. First of Bristol Sixteen: 2,3,12,16.

BIRMINGHAM, Cath Ch of S Philip, W Mids
Mon 21st November 2011 in 3h27 (31-0-21)
5090 Orion Surprise Maximus
Comp. A G Reading

1 Richard B Grimmett
2 Mark R Eccleston
3 Louis P H Suggett
4 Alan G Reading (C)
5 Thomas W Griffiths
6 Simon A Bond
7 Paul McNutt
8 Paul E Bibilo
9 Gordon R Birks
10 Anthony M Daw
11 Paul Needham
12 Frederick Shallcross

First peal in the method: 3 & 6.

BIRMINGHAM, Cath Ch of S Philip, W Mids
Mon 14th May 2012 in 2h42 (10-1-10)
5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
41m: (1-3) 2160 Alnwick, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chester, Coldstream, Cunecastre, Kelso, Lincoln, London, Morpeth, Munden, Newcastle, Northumberland, Sandiacre, Wells, Whitley, Wooler (4-7) 2880 Allendale, Annable’s London, Bacup, Bamborough, Berwick, Beverley, Bourne, Cambridge, Durham, Hexham, Hull, Ipswich, Lightfoot, Netherseale, Norfolk, Norwich, Primrose, Rossendale, Stamford, Surfleet, Warkworth, Wearmouth, Westminster, York
Comp. J S Warboys (SU0309, SU0403)

1 Paul E Bibilo
2 Michael P A Wilby
3 Alan G Reading (C)
4 Susan E Marshall
5 Simon A Bond
6 Paul Needham

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Sat 9th February 2019 in 5h56 (11-2-6)
10120 Bristol Surprise Royal
Comp. A G Reading

1 Jack E Page
2 Ian K Bushell
3 Simon A Bond
4 Julian O Howes
5 Anna E Sherwood
6 Alan G Reading (C)
7 George M Salter
8 Matthew D Dawson
9 Edward P D Colliss
10 Robin O Hall

100th peal: 5.

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