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Total 25281 changes in 5 peals and 0 quarter peals

AMERSHAM, S Mary V, Bucks
Sun 5th April 2009 in 2h30 (6-1-14)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Comp. D F Morrison (No. 4)

1 Valerie J Simmonds
2 Jonathan H Potter
3 Beryl R Norris
4 Simon L Edwards
5 Simon A Bond
6 Clive Holloway
7 Peter G C Ellis (C)
8 Robert J Crocker

In Memoriam Andrew Collins, a member of this tower, who died on 4th April, aged 58.

APPLETON, S Lawrence, Oxon
Sat 19th June 2010 in 2h43 (13-0-10)
5057 Grandsire Caters
Comp. B D Constant

1 Beryl R Norris
2 Lee Pinnington
3 Arthur J Reeves
4 Sarah E Hutchinson
5 James S Croft
6 Benjamin D Constant (C)
7 Diana M Bridle
8 Simon A Bond
9 Adam S Greenley
10 Peter Bridle

A 91st birthday compliment to Frank White.

OXFORD, Lincoln College, Oxon
Sat 17th September 2011 in 2h30 (7-2-4)
5024 Endeavour Surprise Major
Comp. A Peake

1 Cynthia E Howell
2 Beryl R Norris
3 Diana M Bridle
4 Simon A Bond
5 Phill J Payne
6 John G Pusey
7 Darran Ricks (C)
8 Peter Bridle

First peal in the method. Endeavour Surprise Major: -34-456-56-3-43-25-4-5 le2

GUILDFORD, S Nicolas, Surrey
Sat 9th September 2017 in 3h16 (21-1-11)
5000 Rothersthorpe Surprise Royal
Comp. R A Pearce

1 Ruth Blackwell
2 Beryl R Norris
3 Lesley J Belcher
4 Elizabeth A Hibbert
5 Peter J Blight
6 W John Couperthwaite
7 Richard A Pearce (C)
8 David R Cox
9 Simon A Bond
10 Stephen P Noyes

LONDON, Fleet Street, S Dunstan-in-the-West,
Sat 15th December 2018 in 3h14 (10-3-23)
5112 Spliced Treble Dodging Royal (5m)
5m: 1800 each Horsleydown S, Sgurr Differential S; 720 Nidification D; 432 Dowager Little S; 360 Anglia S; 116 com, atw
Comp. R A Pearce

1 James W Belshaw
2 Stephanie J Pattenden
3 Elizabeth A Hibbert
4 Penelope J V Sharpe
5 Beryl R Norris
6 Peter W Emery
7 Stephen P Noyes
8 Simon A Bond
9 Peter J Blight
10 Richard A Pearce (C)

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