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Total 6320 changes in 1 peals and 1 quarter peals

MANCHESTER, Cath & P Ch of Virgin Mary, SS George & Denys, Gr Man
Sat 28th July 2007 in 46 mins (27-3-6)
1280 Yorkshire Surprise Royal

1 Gordon R Birks
2 Clive G Smith (C)
3 Peter G Bellamy-Knights
4 Christine Broadley
5 Matthew J Jones
6 Simon A Bond
7 Carol A Marchbank
8 Edward O Marchbank
9 James C Marchbank
10 Trevor W Marchbank

Rung after having lost a peal attempt due to 'conductor error'

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Sun 14th June 2009 in 2h47 (11-2-6)
5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Comp. A C D Mayes

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Carol A Marchbank
3 Michael A Williams
4 Katie E M Lane
5 Ben Hockenhull
6 Simon A Bond
7 Jonathan Cresshull
8 Luke O Camden
9 Trevor W Marchbank (C)
10 James C Marchbank

To mark the tenor ringer's graduation from Lincoln College, Oxford, on the previous day. First of Cambridge Royal: 5. Circled the tower to peals of Royal: 10.

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