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Total 24802 changes in 4 peals and 3 quarter peals

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Sat 19th November 2016 in 1h12 (11-2-6)
2016 Grandsire Caters

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Michael A Williams
3 Charlotte Everett
4 Ryan Mills
5 John G Pusey
6 Cameron A Waters
7 David C Ockwell
8 Michael J Harrison
9 Simon A Bond (C)
10 Simon L Edwards

OXFORD, S Mary Magd, Oxon
Mon 8th January 2018 in 43 mins (7-1-12)
1296 Original Caters

1 David A Jackson
2 Michele Winter
3 Robin O Hall (C)
4 Alan M Eyles
5 Simon A Bond
6 Michael A Williams
7 Stuart F Gibson
8 David C Ockwell
9 Jonathan Cresshull
10 Bernard J Stone

After a rather short peal attempt terminated by conductorial inadequacy. Michael Williams remains, but not for long.

SWINDON, Christ Church, Wilts
Sat 6th October 2018 in 3h15 (21-3-9)
5057 Grandsire Caters
Comp. S A Bond

1 Alan M Eyles
2 Daniel P Knight
3 Cynthia E Howell
4 Rosanna Cretney
5 Jeremy A H Samson
6 Brian Harris
7 David C Ockwell
8 Simon A Bond (C)
9 Stephen H Stanford
10 Valia E Battat

First on ten: 10. Rung on, and to mark, the twentieth anniversary of the induction of the Reverend Simon Stevenette as vicar of Christ Church with St Mary's. The ringers of 3, 5, & 6 rang the same bells to the peal of Swindon Surprise Royal on 6th October 1998.

OXFORD, Magdalen College, Oxon
Sun 11th November 2018 in 55 mins (17-1-7)
1278 Grandsire Caters

1 Katherine A Stonham
2 Charlotte Everett
3 David A Jackson
4 Dorothy G Hall
5 Simon A Bond (C)
6 Simon L Edwards
7 Hazel M Rothera
8 David C Ockwell
9 Mark D Tarrant
10 David K Barrington

Half-muffled on Remembrance Sunday.

OXFORD, S Mary Magd, Oxon
Tue 4th December 2018 in 2h50 (7-1-12)
5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
Comp. R O Hall

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Alan M Eyles
3 Michele Winter
4 Robin O Hall (C)
5 Craig M Robertson
6 J Chapman Knott
7 Rebecca Gingell
8 David C Ockwell
9 Stuart F Gibson
10 Simon A Bond

First on ten: 5. Belatedly welcoming the arrivals of Paul Morgan and Ralph Littlewood, with congratulations to their parents, Society members Catrin & James and Jenny & Rupert. Also wishing Jonathan Cresshull a really good night's sleep.

OXFORD, S Mary Magd, Oxon
Thu 13th December 2018 in 2h55 (7-1-12)
5075 Grandsire Caters
Comp. S A Bond

1 Michael A Williams
2 Alan M Eyles
3 Jonathan Cresshull
4 David C Ockwell
5 Jeremy R Pratt
6 Simon A Bond (C)
7 Stuart F Gibson
8 Robin O Hall
9 Bernard J Stone
10 Joanna E Knight

100th peal: 10. 50th as conductor. 50th together: 1 & 9. A belated 75th birthday compliment to Bernard.

OXFORD, Carfax Tower, Oxon
Fri 4th January 2019 in 2h53 (15-0-22)
5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
7m: Durham, Lightfoot, Westminster, Bourne, Beverley, Norwich, Cambridge

1 Simon A Bond (C)
2 Joanna E Knight
3 David C Ockwell
4 Alan M Eyles
5 Robin O Hall
6 Jonathan Cresshull

First on six: 2.

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