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Total 14648 changes in 2 peals and 3 quarter peals

READING, S Laurence, Berks
Mon 12th April 2010 in 51 mins (23-0-20)
1346 Ariel Surprise Maximus

1 Sarah E Barrett
2 June D Wells
3 Katherine J Firman
4 Tessa K Beadman
5 Jennifer M Herriott
6 Simon A Bond
7 W Nigel G Herriott
8 Stephen A Rossiter
9 Douglas J Beaumont
10 E John Wells
11 Alex F Byrne (C)
12 Mark A Bell

First in method: 8 & 9.

READING, St Giles, Berks
Sat 18th September 2010 in 3h0 (14-2-7)
5056 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
768 Rutland, 704 London, 640 Pudsey, Superlative, 576 Bristol, Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire; 119 com; atw
Comp. P G K Davies

1 Edward J W Manley
2 Jillian E Galloway
3 June D Wells
4 Jennifer M Herriott
5 E John Wells
6 Simon A Bond
7 W Nigel G Herriott (C)
8 Stephen A Rossiter

Rung as a compliment to Andy and Cara Smith on the day of their wedding blessing at All Saints Wokingham this day. Also, a compliment to the ringer of the treble on becoming a grandfather.

READING, S Laurence, Berks
Sat 16th October 2010 in 3h13 (23-0-20)
5040 Stedman Cinques
Comp. A F Byrne

1 Jillian E Galloway
2 Alex F Byrne (C)
3 Jennifer M Herriott
4 June D Wells
5 E John Wells
6 Edward J W Manley
7 Peter R Ellis
8 Christopher M Mundy
9 Simon A Bond
10 W Nigel G Herriott
11 Douglas J Beaumont
12 Colin M Parker

Circled the tower to peals: 5. 250th peal as Conductor. On the St Mary and St Laurence Society's Annual Dinner day.

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Sat 14th May 2011 in 1h3 (11-2-6)
1893 Stedman Caters

1 Jeremy R Pratt (C)
2 Phillip R J Barnes
3 Michael O'Hagan
4 Jennifer M Herriott
5 Ben Hockenhull
6 Simon A Bond
7 Christopher I Griggs
8 James C Marchbank
9 W Nigel G Herriott
10 Peter G Giles

At the Mother Church on the occasion of the St Thomas Society's 35th anniversary dinner, and celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Capt. George 'McIrish' McElroy on 14th May 1893.

OXFORD, Magdalen College, Oxon
Sat 4th February 2017 in 52 mins (17-1-7)
1313 Grandsire Caters

1 Hannah Guggiari
2 Jennifer M Herriott
3 Courtney J Spoerer
4 D Robert C Sworder
5 Connie M Tongue
6 Simon A Bond (C)
7 Lynn S Scales
8 Emma Stanford
9 W Nigel G Herriott
10 Lindsay Powell

On Society Dinner Day.

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