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Total 13892 changes in 2 peals and 3 quarter peals

LUNDY ISLAND, S Helen, Devon
Tue 4th December 2007 in 45 mins (13-1-18)
1280 Plain Bob Major

1 Joanne C Lovell
2 Charlotte Everett
3 Clare E F Dyer
4 Christopher I Griggs
5 Clive Holloway
6 Luke O Camden
7 Jonathan Cresshull
8 Simon A Bond (C)

First of Major: 4. Circled the tower to quarter peals: 8.

LUNDY ISLAND, S Helen, Devon
Thu 6th December 2007 in 43 mins (13-1-18)
1250 Cambridge Surprise Major

1 Christopher I Griggs
2 Andrew W R Wilby
3 Joanne C Lovell
4 Simon A Bond
5 Luke O Camden
6 Robert Caton
7 Bernard J Stone
8 Michael A Williams (C)

A 30th birthday compliment to the conductor. Rung by the well members of the group who are hoping that the weather will improve to allow the helicopters to fly tomorrow so the rest of the party can reach the island....

LUNDY ISLAND, S Helen, Devon
Fri 29th January 2010 in 2h54 (13-1-18)
5040 Stedman Caters
Arr M R Eccleston after R W Lee

1 Mark R Eccleston (C)
2 Stephanie J Warboys
3 Jillian E Galloway
4 Colin M Parker
5 Simon A Bond
6 Joanne C Lovell
7 Martin J Cansdale
8 Philip R Goodyer
9 Andrew W R Wilby
10 Terry J C Streeter

LUNDY ISLAND, S Helen, Devon
Sat 30th January 2010 in 44 mins (13-1-18)
1280 Cambridge Surprise Royal

1 Michael A Williams
2 Colin M Parker (C)
3 Stephanie J Warboys
4 Robert Caton
5 Jillian E Galloway
6 Simon A Bond
7 Joanne C Lovell
8 Martin C Faulkes
9 Martin J Cansdale
10 Philip R Goodyer

First on 10 as Conductor.

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Sat 6th April 2013 in 2h49 (11-2-6)
5042 Bristol Surprise Royal
Comp. R O Hall

1 Joanne C Lovell
2 Graham M Bradshaw
3 Simon A Bond
4 Robin O Hall (C)
5 Thomas F Lawrance
6 Phillip R J Barnes
7 Michael A Williams
8 Katherine L Town
9 Martin J Cansdale
10 Andrew W R Wilby

Dedicated to the memory of Clive Holloway, elected to this Society in 1971, who passed away last year.

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