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Total 31127 changes in 5 peals and 4 quarter peals

OXFORD, Cath Ch of Christ, Oxon
Sun 15th July 2012 in 55 mins (31-0-23)
1346 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

1 Simon A Bond (C)
2 Keith D Anderson
3 Robert W Lee
4 Mary C Friskney
5 Leon G Thompson
6 Stuart F Gibson
7 Christopher I Griggs
8 John G Pusey
9 Mark D Tarrant
10 Michael O'Hagan
11 Jonathan Cresshull
12 Colin M Lee

First of Maximus: 9.

OXFORD, S Mary Magd, Oxon
Tue 7th August 2012 in 2h36 (7-1-12)
5072 Spliced Major (2m)
2752 Bristol Surprise, 2320 Double Norwich Court Bob, 78 com, atw
Comp. R W Lee

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Michele Winter
3 Simon A Bond
4 Christopher I Griggs
5 Nicholas J Hartley
6 Stuart F Gibson
7 Leon G Thompson
8 Robert W Lee (C)

OXFORD, Cath Ch of Christ, Oxon
Thu 30th August 2012 in 1h11 (31-0-23)
1727 Stedman Cinques

1 Michael A Williams
2 Michele Winter
3 Michael O'Hagan
4 Hazel M Rothera
5 Stuart F Gibson
6 Katherine A Stonham
7 Simon A Bond
8 Mark D Tarrant
9 Robert W Lee
10 Robin O Hall (C)
11 Jonathan Cresshull
12 Bernard J Stone

Rung half-muffled in grief but with loving memory for our President, the irreplaceable and unforgettable Clive Holloway, who died this week; one change for every peal he rang.

OXFORD, Merton College, Oxon
Sun 16th September 2012 in 3h17 (25-1-10)
5040 Stedman Triples
Comp. A Johnson (bobs only two part)

1 Mark R Eccleston (C)
2 Michael A Williams
3 Simon A Bond
4 Dickon R Love
5 Richard H Youdale
6 Michael O Esbester
7 Robin O Hall
8 Robert W Lee

To mark the 748th anniversary of the College's foundation by Walter de Merton in 1264. Dedicated to the memory of Clive Holloway whose ashes were scattered at his home in Garsington during this peal.

WOODBURY, S Swithun, Devon
Sun 21st October 2012 in 3h9 (23-2-21)
5152 London Surprise Major
Comp. S J Ivin

1 Peter Valuks
2 David P Hilling
3 Martin J Cansdale (C)
4 D Robert C Sworder
5 Jonathan R Slack
6 Simon A Bond
7 Philip R Goodyer
8 Robert W Lee

LONDON, Lower Thames Street, St Magnus the Martyr,
Sat 5th January 2013 in 3h13 (26-3-9)
5040 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Comp. D G Hull

1 Robert W Lee
2 Charles W G Herriott
3 Rachael C Smith
4 Martin J Cansdale (C)
5 Graham M Bradshaw
6 David I Bassford
7 John P W Taylor
8 Thomas F Lawrance
9 Simon A Bond
10 Luke T W Smith
11 Andrew J Graham
12 Henry D Coggill

Circled the tower to peals: 12.

BIRMINGHAM, Cath Ch of S Philip, W Mids
Mon 27th May 2013 in 3h25 (31-0-21)
5016 Spliced Maximus (6m)
1056 Ariel, Zanussi, Phobos Surprise, 880 Maypole Alliance, 792 Deimos Alliance, 76 Slinky Diff LTP, 109 changes of method, all the work
Comp. D J Pipe

1 Michael P A Wilby
2 Simon J L Linford
3 Eleanor J Linford
4 Katherine L Town
5 Paul N Mounsey
6 Adam A Brady
7 Simon A Bond
8 Graham M Bradshaw
9 John N Hughes-D'Aeth (C)
10 Andrew J Graham
11 Paul L Carless
12 Robert W Lee

Was Magnificent: 3.

LONDON, Lower Thames Street, St Magnus the Martyr,
Tue 9th July 2013 in 55 mins (26-3-9)
1388 Spliced Maximus (7m)
288 each Ariel Surprise, Phobos Surprise and Zanussi Surprise; 240 Maypole Alliance; 216 Deimos Alliance; 24 Slinky Little Treble Place; 20 Walt Disney Cyclic Little Alliance; 31 changes of method.

1 Dickon R Love
2 Paul N Mounsey
3 David E House
4 Leigh D G Simpson
5 Andrew J Graham (C)
6 Martin J Cansdale
7 Simon A Bond
8 Neil Buswell
9 Luke T W Smith
10 Robert W Lee
11 Stephen A Coaker
12 Paul L Carless

LONDON, Cath Ch of S Paul,
Sat 2nd November 2019 in 1h7 (61-2-12)
1346 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

1 Stephen A Coaker
2 Robert W Lee
3 Oliver C Bates
4 Richard B Pullin
5 Simon A Bond
6 Harm Jan A de Kok
7 David G Maynard (C)
8 Philip Rogers
9 Andrew M Hills
10 Roy LeMarechal
11 Robert C Kippin
12 Andrew P F Bradford

Rung for Evensong on the day of the Society's 382nd Anniversary Dinner.

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