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Total 12000 changes in 2 peals and 1 quarter peals

LONDON, Lower Thames Street, St Magnus the Martyr,
Sun 29th September 2013 in 1h16 (26-3-9)
1920 Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (4m)
624 Zanussi S, 576 Bristol S, 432 Avon D, 288 Rigel S; 28 com.

1 Martin J Cansdale
2 Katherine L Town
3 James H Foster
4 Charles W G Herriott
5 Jonathan H Potter
6 Antony R Kench
7 Andrew J Graham (C)
8 Simon A Bond
9 Neil Buswell
10 Graham M Bradshaw
11 Luke T W Smith
12 Stephen A Coaker

GUILDFORD, Cath Ch of Holy Spirit, Surrey
Sat 13th September 2014 in 3h33 (30-1-10)
5040 Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (4m)
1344 Avon Delight; 1296 each Bristol Surprise and Zanussi Surprise; 1104 Phobos Surprise; 84 changes of method, all the work.
Comp. A G Reading

1 Stephen A Coaker
2 Charles W G Herriott
3 Thomas F Lawrance
4 Rachael C Smith
5 Andrew J Graham (C)
6 Philip A B Saddleton
7 Ryan S Noble
8 Simon A Bond
9 Luke T W Smith
10 Richard H Burton
11 Simon S Meyer
12 Paul J Tiebout

PORTSMOUTH, Cath Ch of S Thomas of Canterbury, Hants
Sat 16th June 2018 in 3h23 (25-2-0)
5040 Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (4m)
1344 Avon D, 1296 each Bristol S, Zanussi S, 1104 Phobos S, 84 com, atw.
Comp. A G Reading

1 Roy LeMarechal
2 Stephanie J Warboys
3 Tessa K Simpson
4 David E House
5 Benjamin J Carey
6 Simon A Bond
7 George M Salter
8 John S Warboys (C)
9 R Mark Esbester
10 Robin O Hall
11 Edward P D Colliss
12 Richard H Burton

A compliment to the Very Reverend David Brindley, Dean of Portsmouth since 2002, on his retirement last Sunday.

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