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Total 5010 changes in 1 peals and 0 quarter peals

LONDON, Cornhill, S Michael,
Sat 3rd November 2018 in 3h30 (32-1-6)
5010 Spliced Maximus (5m)
5m: 1682 Avon Delight; 1632 Bristol Surprise, Zanussi Surprise; 32 Bandersnatch Little Treble Place, Frumious Little Treble Place; 32 com
Comp. C J Poole

1 Jeremy R Pratt
2 Alex F Byrne (C)
3 David C Brown
4 Christopher J Poole
5 Phillip R J Barnes
6 Simon A Bond
7 W Nigel G Herriott
8 Henry D Coggill
9 James C Marchbank
10 Martin J Cansdale
11 Paul N Mounsey
12 Mark A Bell

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! We left it dead, and with its head We went galumphing back to the pub. On ASCY dinner day. Frumious Little Treble Place: -129T.58.149T-1258-16-129T-189T-12-10 (1568374029ET) Bandersnatch Little Treble Place: -12-10-129T-189T-12-16-129T-149T (1086423579ET)

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