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Total 20142 changes in 4 peals and 0 quarter peals

APPLETON, S Lawrence, Oxon
Sat 19th June 2010 in 2h43 (13-0-10)
5057 Grandsire Caters
Comp. B D Constant

1 Beryl R Norris
2 Lee Pinnington
3 Arthur J Reeves
4 Sarah E Hutchinson
5 James S Croft
6 Benjamin D Constant (C)
7 Diana M Bridle
8 Simon A Bond
9 Adam S Greenley
10 Peter Bridle

A 91st birthday compliment to Frank White.

APPLETON, S Lawrence, Oxon
Sat 2nd October 2010 in 2h52 (13-0-10)
5039 Grandsire Caters
Comp. A M Tyler

1 John W T Hibbert
2 Michele Ellender
3 Owen H Winter
4 Simon L Edwards
5 Stuart F Gibson
6 Harry Winter (C)
7 Christopher J Backhouse
8 Clive Holloway
9 Simon A Bond
10 Keith D Anderson

APPLETON, S Lawrence, Oxon
Sat 21st April 2012 in 2h50 (13-0-10)
5007 Stedman Caters
Comp. J Hyden

1 Catherine M A Lane
2 Michele Winter
3 Simon A Bond
4 Simon L Edwards
5 Richard H Youdale (C)
6 Nicholas J Hartley
7 Stuart F Gibson
8 John G Pusey
9 Nigel Thomson
10 Keith D Anderson

Rung by friends and family in affectionate memory of Harry Winter (1953-2011) during the season of his Year's Mind.

APPLETON, S Lawrence, Oxon
Sat 11th November 2017 in 2h54 (13-0-10)
5039 Grandsire Caters
Comp. S A Bond

1 Michele Winter
2 Michael A Williams
3 Julie A Haseldine
4 Andrew J Dyer
5 Simon L Edwards
6 Simon A Bond (C)
7 Peter H M Day
8 John H Napper
9 Andrew Haseldine
10 Bernard J Stone

Half-muffled in memory of the fallen. Remembering in particular Lieutenant Victor Augustus Stone, 8th Battalion Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment), great-uncle of Bernard Stone, died 10th November 1917 aged 31.

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