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Total 5292 changes in 0 peals and 4 quarter peals

Mon 1st June 2020 in 52 mins
1320 Stedman Cinques

1-2 Elizabeth C Frye
3-4 Robin O Hall
5-6 Stephen M Jones (C)
7-8 Simon A Bond
9-10 Mark A Bell
11-12 Rebecca Gingell

30th birthday compliments to 11-12 (2nd June). First of Cinques on the platform.

Fri 12th June 2020 in 1h9
1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus

1 Simon A Bond
2 Elizabeth A Barnes
3 Craig P Homewood
4 Katharine J Firman
5 Simon A Rudd
6 Graham G Firman
7 David C Brown
8 Andrew P Deamer
9 Phillip R J Barnes (C)
10 Mark B Davies
11 Nicholas D Brown
12 Alex F Byrne

The first quarter peal of Maximus on this platform by twelve ringers. Rung with simulated sound and keyboard control.

Sun 14th June 2020 in 1h6
1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus

1 Elizabeth A Barnes
2 Simon A Bond
3 Katharine J Firman
4 Matthew A Child
5 Craig P Homewood
6 Graham G Firman
7 Anna E Sherwood
8 Andrew P Deamer
9 Phillip R J Barnes
10 Mark B Davies
11 Julian O Howes (C)
12 Alex F Byrne

Tue 28th July 2020
1284 Spliced Alliance Minor (2m)
780 Alford, 504 Molloy; 12 com

1 Michael E Ovenden
2 Phillip R J Barnes
3 Simon A Bond
4 Elizabeth A Barnes
5 Sandra Alford
6 Jeremy D Alford (C)

Rung as a wedding compliment to Charlotte Alford (daughter of 5 & 6) and James Molloy, married on 25th July 2020 at Ramsey where they are both ringers. Molloy Alliance Minor is rung for the first time (m - 36-36-14-12-36-34-16). First Spliced Alliance Minor for all.

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